ARM-USA Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. Founded in 1970, Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing Inc. (ARM-USA) has been designing and manufacturing composite fuel containment systems for more that four decades. Our fuel cells (a fuel bladder surrounded by a rigid / semi-rigid container) and our "soft" fuel bladder systems can provide a unique solution to the most challenging fuel containment problems. Our products are utilized in a wide variety of industries including: aerospace, automotive, marine, military, nuclear, chemical, mining and oil and gas exploration, in addition our ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees the highest level of quality and consistency so that our products will meet your specifications year after year. Our specialties include: rubber goods manufacturing, plastics fabrication and welding, mil spec welding, rotational molding, precision machining, crashworthy constructions, armored and self-sealing fuel cells, CAD design, 3D modeling and contract manufacturing.

ARM-USA manufactures a wide variety of specialty products. Our Fuel Safe division, produces FIA approved, safety fuel cells for the automobile racing industry. Fuel Safe's innovative products can be found across the entire spectrum of racing from Indianapolis 500 to the Dakar Rally, our fuel cells are the champion's choice.

ARM-USA's line of Marine Fuel Bladders, provides yachting, workboat and fishing enthusiast a convenient option for carrying additional fuel on-board their vessels. Our marine pillow bladders are made from military spec materials and are designed for years of use and abuse.

ARM-USA's Pro Barrel product line, demonstrates our ability to design creative solutions to challenging field problems. The Pro Barrels, available in 55, 250 and 500 gallon sizes, are specifically designed for helicopter lifting and aerial delivery of fuel and water to sites inaccessible by car or truck. They are lightweight, rugged and can be collapsed to a fraction of their size when not in use.

ARM-USA's full line of armored fuel cells and self-sealing bladders have protected U.S. and foreign dignitaries for more that 30 years. Our Stage I, II, III and IV levels of protection allow you to tailor your system around a specific level of threat.

For more information about any of the products described above or to discuss your project please contact an ARM-USA sales representative today.

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