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Industrial and Experimental Fuel Cells ARM's industrial and experimental divisions have produced an incredible array of specialty products for many different industries and applications. We've built fuel bladders for the record setting SSC Thrust car, specialty fuel tanks for airships, HAZMAT storage bladders for waste oil clean up and ballast tanks for the U.S. Navy. We can produce rubber tank liners, molded rubber / urethane components, lifting bags, industrial bellows, flotation bladders, fuel and water bladders for disaster relief and much, much more.

ARM can design and fabricate from a wide variety of rubber and urethane films and maintains a large inventory of specialty-coated fabrics to suit virtually any application. We maintain a state of the art machine and sheet metal fabrication facility on-site and can perform precision machining and welding to military specifications. We have a broad array of industrial equipment including an autoclave for vulcanizing rubber products, a Ferry Industries RS-220 rotational molding machine and a four-axis CNC mill.

ARM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and maintains the highest levels of quality control available. Our engineering department can produce 3D CAD models, assist with stress analysis and provide technical expertise regarding your project. Our R & D department can perform tensile testing, environmental testing and fuel compatibility analysis on most materials.

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