Pillow Tanks & Pro Barrel

Pillow Tanks and Pro-Barrel Fuel Cells ARM's pillow tanks and berm liners are the ideal solution to your volume fuel storage requirements. We can produce fuel, water and hazardous liquid containment pillow tanks from 25 to 100,000 gallons. Berm liners provide an added layer of environmental protection required in today's eco conscious world. Our pillow tanks have provided bulk fluid storage to the U.S. military, the International Red Cross, oil and gas exploration crews and research teams in Antarctica. We have many standard sizes available or we can design a custom pillow tank for your specific application.

ARM's Pro Barrel is a rugged, collapsible fuel barrel designed for aerial delivery to hard to reach locales such as remote construction sites, oil and natural gas exploration platforms and remote fire fighting stations. Pro Barrels are available in 55, 250 and 500 gallon capacities. For more information, refer to our Pro Barrel Operation and Maintenance brochure.

ARM can also provide specialty fuel transfer pumps designed to assist in the movement of large volumes of fuel in and out of our pillow tanks. The pumps are available with gas or diesel engines or a powerful electric motor. They can be equipped with a fuel totalizer for an accurate measure of fuel dispensation and housed in a convenient dolly that makes transportation a snap.

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