ARM-R-COAT™ Self Sealing Fuel Cells

ARM-R-COAT™ by Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing (ARM-USA) is a proprietary fuel tank coating designed to seal a fuel tank after it has been penetrated by a ballistic projectile, ideal for use on security vehicles, VIP transportation, armored cars and military vehicles. ARM-R-COAT™ can allow any vehicle to continue operating after its fuel tank has been compromised by a bullet or ballistic projectile. Tested and approved by an independent laboratory, ARM-R-COAT™ provides peace of mind to those in harms way.

ARM-R-COAT™ is available in four levels of protection:
Level Seals Against Applicable Standard Weight sq / ft Coating Thickness
I 7.62 mm / .308 cal NIJ Level III 1.12 lbs .200 inches
II 7.62 mm / .308 cal NIJ Level III 1.80 lbs .325 inches
III 12.7 mm / .50 cal **STANAG Level III+ 2.50 lbs .450 inches
IV 14.5 mm / .50 cal FSP **STANAG Level IV 3.20 lbs .575 inches
** Pending independent test results

ARM-R-COAT White Paper: See how it works.

See our independent test results – OBL Data Sheet / Test Report

Watch ARM-R-COAT™ in action!

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