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Fuel Cells for Experimental AircraftAnonymous ARM-USA Quotes:

“ARM’s lightweight UAV bladders were critical to the success of our program. The fitment and capacity on the wing bladders you designed for our vehicle was excellent and allowed our aircraft to stay aloft significantly longer than our competition. We feel this was instrumental in us winning the contract.”

“The fit and finish on our MRAP fuel bladders was excellent. We were able to move from prototype to production in less than one month. Thanks for all the support…”

“Your 500-gallon Pro Barrels are incredibly durable and very easy to use. We’ve made more than 50 aerial deliveries with our barrels and they look as good as new. Thanks for a great product…”

“We were very impressed with the durability of your Marine Fuel Bladder products. The 150-gallon unit we purchased made our trip from San Diego to the Solomon islands and back again. It’s still in excellent shape and has no visible signs of wear or leakage.” “We ordered two of your 250-gallon marine pillow bladders for our fleet tugs. The bladders arrived in less than a week and have survived some serious abuse on the deck of our boats. We use them for storing engine coolant when performing maintenance underway. Thanks for a great product and for the speedy delivery!”

“The weld quality on your aluminum fuel tanks is truly impressive. The tanks were well inside the drawing tolerance and the weld quality demonstrates Aircraft Rubber’s commitment to American workmanship…”

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